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Preventative Care Clinic in Merced, CA

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Preventative Care Clinic Me in Merced, CA
Preventative Care Clinic Me in Merced, CA

Table of Contents:

What’s covered under preventive care?
What is included in a preventative exam?
What is a Preventative Care doctor called?

Preventative care is important for every individual. It helps us avoid unnecessary medical conditions and enables us to lead strong, healthy lives. After all, it is a lot easier to prevent diseases than it is to treat them. A successful preventative care program will help prevent diseases and illnesses from ever appearing in the body.

What’s covered under preventive care?

When it comes to preventive care, it is public knowledge to know that health insurance plans are required by law to cover 100 percent of the costs. However, the question most asked is, what exactly is preventive care?

The goal of preventive care is to prevent illnesses or diseases from ever appearing in the human body as well as providing counseling when needed to prevent health issues. Because these services are provided at no cost, the hope is to keep you and your family healthy by making screenings and immunizations readily available to you. In offering these services, preventive care can help detect a problem early on or prevent you from getting a serious illness (via immunizations) and reduce your future medical bills.

A few examples of preventive care services:

• Wellness visits and standard immunizations
• Screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, depression, and Type 2 diabetes
• Pediatric screenings for hearing, autism, vision, and developmental disorders, obesity, and depression

What is included in a preventative exam?

At your preventative visit, your primary care doctor will likely ask you about your family history, your current health, surgeries, chronic conditions, and past illnesses to assess your health risk. They will also likely perform a physical exam, such as listening to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope, checking your ears, throat, eyes, skin, abdomen, and checking your vital signs to make sure your overall health is in tip-top shape.

In addition, your doctor may conduct screenings if further information is required. These screenings are specific to your gender and age, such as:

• Children ages 0-5 – May include developmental screening, height/weight assessment, and immunizations
• Children ages 6-12 – May include immunizations, height/weight, and developmental assessment
• Women – Typically include Pap test and breast exam
• Adults – May include colon cancer screening and cholesterol test

What is a Preventative Care doctor called?

Each type of primary doctor has a different background and focus, but all can help with the management of some chronic conditions and can provide you with the regular preventive health care you need. Below is a list of the four different types of primary care physicians:

• Family medicine doctors – The unique benefit of family medicine doctors is that they care for patients of all ages.
• Internal medicine-pediatrics doctors – These doctors care for kids and adults, and can help prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases.
• Pediatricians – Pediatricians specialize in caring for children, from early infancy to early adolescence.
• Internal medicine doctors – Internists are well versed in issues that primarily affect adults because they only treat adult patients.

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