UTI Treatment Questions and Answers

Urinary Tract Infection can cause pain and discomfort. Get UTI treatment right here at Getwell Urgent Care. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online. We serve patients from Merced CA, Atwater CA, Livingston CA, Chowchilla CA, Turlock CA, Ballico CA, Delhi CA, The Grove CA, Bear Creek CA, Planada CA, Le Grand CA, and Athlone CA.

UTI Treatment in Merced, CA
UTI Treatment in Merced, CA

UTIs (urinary tract infections) are typically minor, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated! In fact, it’s important to treat a UTI to prevent serious complications. Getting treated is a good idea, and it’s easy too, especially if you go to an urgent care clinic like Getwell Urgent Care. Our clinic treats UTIs and can see you for a quick walk-in appointment. You can come see us today for treatment right on the spot, or you can keep reading to learn more about UTI treatment.

How do you know you have a UTI?

It can be hard to tell whether you have a UTI since UTIs don’t always have signs and symptoms, but when there are signs and symptoms, they can be:

  • A red or pink color in urine, which could mean blood in the urine
  • A cloudy appearance to urine
  • Passing urine frequently and just a bit at a time
  • A burning sensation during urination
  • A strong or constant urge to urinate
  • A strong smell to urine
  • Pelvic pain in women

There might be other signs and symptoms of a UTI, depending on the specific type of UTI. But the signs and symptoms above are most common.

How do you get a UTI?

A person can get a UTI when bacteria gets into their urinary tract through the urethra. Actually, there are different kinds of UTIs with different bacterial causes. For example, there’s an infection of the bladder which is usually caused by E. coli bacteria. This type of UTI is called cystitis. Sexual intercourse can lead to this UTI, but a person doesn’t have to be sexually active in order to develop it. There’s also an infection of the urethra which is called urethritis, and it can occur if gastrointestinal bacteria spread to the urethra.

UTIs are more common in females, and there are some risk factors for females, like menopause, sexual activity, and some kinds of birth control. There can be other risk factors as well, like catheter use, a suppressed immune system, or a blockage in the urinary tract.

Should you have a UTI treated?

Yes, you should have a UTI treated because this can prevent potentially serious complications. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, please consult a medical professional for personal medical advice. The professional should be able to help prevent the infection from spreading and causing any complications. Treating a UTI can prevent:

  • Recurring infections
  • Kidney damage that may be permanent
  • A condition called sepsis that can be life-threatening
  • Urethral narrowing in men
  • An increased risk in pregnant women of delivering premature or low birth-weight babies

Can I go to urgent care to treat a UTI?

Yes, you can go to urgent care to treat a UTI. At Getwell Urgent Care, an appointment isn’t necessary, a physician can prescribe the right treatment that will help fight the bacteria and help treat the infection. Within a few days of starting the treatment, your symptoms may clear up, but continue treatment recommended by your physician. This will help ensure the infection clears up. If you have any pain due to the infection, please consult a professional for personal medical advice. Or if you have frequent UTIs, the professional may be able to provide a solution for that.

Do you provide UTI treatment in Merced, CA?

Yes, Getwell Urgent Care provides UTI treatment. If you or a family member has a UTI or experiencing any of the symptoms. Please call us today for more information or schedule an appointment online. Walk-ins are accepted. Come see us today!